{VIDEO} StalkinG Web Browser IE

Salam wa3alaykoum

Stack overflow Windows Media Player + IE



Discovred By Me for All membres of SEC4EVER

اوووه قويه والله …):

لي رجعه

مشكوور يا بطل

المشكله انقرضو مستخدمين 6 Explorer

شكرا لك

good vid
but is it possible execute codes instead crash only?

Yes you can try

And that ran in all versions of IE because it’s the Wmp that crach first


It is very SIMPLE overflow3r !

if u execute shellcode in the media player that runing too in IE

i tryed to exploit it but it seems to be an unexploitable because there is no controlled area

are you able to execute code?

جاري التحميل

شكرا لك