This hack will allow you to identify your browser as a Googlebot ‘spider’.

Why would you want to do that?

Many newspaper and magazine sites that would normally hassle you for a user name and password will let you slide on in if they think you are one of Google’s spiders out gathering data.

OTOH, it can make some web pages look weird or not work the way they should. But you can always change the user agent back to Mozilla or whatever suits you.

  1. Install the Firefox user agent switcher
  2. In Firefox, Tools->User Agent Switcher->Options, add Googlebot as a user agent:
    * Description: Googlebot
    * User Agent: Googlebot/2.1 (
    * The remaining 5 lines can be left blank.
  3. Then switch to this user agent with Tools/User Agent Switcher.


Ou t9edrou tchoufou les articles ta3 les forum PHPBB/PUNB etc… sans connecté…


لمن كيصلح هاد شي ؟

تجعل agent تع متصفحك google bot

فائدة تخفي نوع متصفحك

[b] و تستطيع رأيت مواضيع في مواقع مركبة سكريبتات منتدى مثل PHPBB/PUNB etc… بدون تسجيل

و شكرا لصاحب موضوع :wink: لكن مشكل ان المواقع https تمنعك عن دخول

لانها تظنك ربوت قوقل

Awesome !! Thanks Dude

ma thammech version comptaible m3a firefox 3.6.x

to download
to install
drag and drop sur firefox

فكرة جميلة لازمها تجريب .

اها فكر حلووو